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Top 10 Decorating Tips for Your Home Office to Increase Productivity

Working remotely becomes a very popular trend nowadays. No surprises, as it comes with tons of advantages. Being a part of the digital company means you can travel around the world, have a better work-life balance, spend more time with your family and friends and set your own office. No more uncomfortable chairs or annoying pictures on the wall – it is up to you to choose where and how you would like to work!


While you might still be wondering how to establish your home office, our international team of digital talents shared their best tips and tricks. Read below and find out how to increase the productivity with a suitable atmosphere and decorations!


How to Decorate a Home Office for Maximum Productivity

We have gathered together, pitched-in our best practices, and prepared 10 easy tips for your inspiring home office. These suggestions will surprise you with their simplicity and effectiveness. Ready for new upgrades at home? Here we go!


1. Choose a Good Spot for Your Desk

Choose a Good Spot for Your Desk


Before setting your home office, you need to find a perfect place for it. Two simple steps and you are on the halfway to success. First, your office place must be tranquil and easy to access. It is always a good idea to separate your workplace from the rest of the environment. No worries if you cannot dedicate a separate room for it, a simple work office corner also works well.


Another important thing when choosing the place is to consider its coziness. Dark and shady corners will never have the same magic as the place next to the window.


2. Make It Personal by Creating an Inspiring Theme That Fits You

Make It Personal by Creating an Inspiring Theme That Fits You


When you decorate your home office, be sure to do so with things that are meaningful to you and reflect your personality. Do you vote for a minimalistic Scandinavian design? Keep your surroundings simple. Are you the fan of comics? Maybe some Marvel movie posters would inspire you. This home office is completely yours, so don’t be afraid to show it. You must feel cozy and inspired in your surroundings.


Not only decorations but also your preferred furniture and tools might be truly helpful. If you are a fan of coffee or tea, keep the kettle next to your office. In this case, you can always sip and enjoy your favorite beverage to keep you satisfied. Easier to concentrate with your favorite music in the background? Go ahead! It is your own personal office.


3. Keep the Office Clean, Organized, and Uncluttered

Keep the Office Clean, Organized, and Uncluttered


Add storage units for office supplies and other items such as pens, pencils, and paper clips. You can use these to organize your desk area or store miscellaneous items such as mail or files. They are also great for holding business cards, brochures, postcards, and other things that are too small for the filing cabinet.


Cleaning and decluttering, to some extent, may not count as office room decoration, however, a clean and tidy environment is conducive to productivity. Focusing on work is easier when you’re not distracted by the mess around you. You can keep yourself focused by using an organizational system such as wall-mounted storage shelves that hold papers nicely while still being easy to reach. Check various options and see what suits you the most.


4. Allow Natural Light

Allow Natural Light


The right amount of sunlight can help increase productivity and creativity, which is why remote-work fans maximize the amount of natural light in their workspace. If your room is not bright enough, try adding artificial lighting. The lights will provide a relaxing glow that can help you maintain a productive mood throughout the day or night. When choosing a lighting solution for your home office, consider using color bulbs and avoid glaring lights that could damage your eyesight. The good thing is that in your private home office you can choose any preferred shade of the light as well as the brightness of it. Just do not choose too dark areas, it will make you sleepy and numb.


5. Bring the Outdoors In

Bring the Outdoors In


Bringing the outdoors into your home office can make the difference. First, consider adding a preferred plant to your desk area. Greenery is excellent for promoting relaxation and good mood, so having it around will help you concentrate on work more effectively. You could even change things up by getting a special plant for each season of the year or adapting it to your mood. Or you can even name it, as some of us do!


Second, use natural materials in your home office decor scheme – doing so will make you feel like you’re working at nature’s retreat. Like you can try using a nature-inspired color scheme for your walls, maybe an impressive drawing of a tree or your favorite animal. Just use some decorations that may let you feel like you are outside. Natural themes bring some freshness into any room where professional workers spend long hours doing their jobs every single day. Or if the weather is great, just go to work to some calm place outside. Remote work fully supports this idea.


6. Paint Your Walls a Color That Inspires You

Paint Your Walls a Color That Inspires You


Knowing how to decorate a home office with the right color is important because it will influence how you feel when you walk into it. Choose a hue that makes you feel calm, inspired, and energized. Also, be mindful of color psychology. Here are some paint-related tips for your home office:


  • Use colors such as white and beige, which are relaxing and not distracting. You can use these colors to create a soothing environment that makes you comfortable enough to focus on work. These tones have a magical effect and increase productivity levels.
  • Avoid dazzling or loud colors because they’ll just get in the way. Instead, look for softer pastels like lilacs and mint greens—they’re visually pleasing and soothing.


The most important is to keep this place personal, therefore, choosing the colors that you like and that keeps you inspired is the key.


7. Don’t Forget the Artwork

Don't Forget the Artwork


Paintings are often used as decor pieces in offices, but they can also help create a calming environment. Artwork can be a great source of inspiration and relaxation. A well-chosen piece can help you focus on the task at hand and put you in a productive mood throughout the day. Here are some ideas:


  • Consider hanging only one painting or print on each wall to give off a professional vibe while still leaving room for personal photos or other decorations that make up your style.
  • Find one thing that inspires you. Perhaps it’s something abstract, like a print by your favorite artist. Nature is also a crowd favorite. It could be anything as long as it makes you push for productivity.
  • Use pictures of your beloved ones. Family, friends, you on holidays – anything that makes you smile.


8. Consider Ergonomics

Consider Ergonomics


Ensure you’re using a comfortable ergonomic chair. How do you know if your chair is ergonomically correct? The most obvious sign of a bad chair is that you can’t sit in it for a few hours without feeling discomfort. If this happens, it’s time for an upgrade. To find out what kind of chair will work best for your needs, consult an expert at your local office furniture store. Invest time to find the chair that suits you the most, because health is important!


9. Plan Your Space to Support Your Work Style

Plan Your Space to Support Your Work Style


If you don’t know how to arrange a home office, you may end up losing your sense of control, and things will look disorganized. To boost the work levels, arrange your home office to support your working style.


If you are a multi-tasker, consider having separate spaces for each task (e.g., one for emails and another for typing notes). If you’re a one-task-at-a-time person, it’s best to set up a dedicated office space where all your work can happen in peace. Suppose you’re a programmer. Having dual monitors would be a perfect way to elevate the functionality of your room and maximize your productivity.


10. Keep Track of Tasks with a Board

Keep Track of Tasks with a Board


One of the best ways to keep track of tasks and ensure that you’re getting them done is with a whiteboard or blackboard. You can create a section listing your to-dos and use different colors for each day. This method will help you stay organized and see where there is room for improvement. You may also try using sticky notes instead of writing on the board – they work just as well.



If you’re excited about your new remote position, remember these tips for a home office. All you need to do is invest time and attention in decorating your home office, and it will help you be more productive and creative, reduce stress, and feel more comfortable. Besides the home décor advices, Impact Brands offers the home budget for new team members. Joins us and enjoy remote work opportunities.


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