On February 16, 2021

Tips on Working from Home Effectively

Are you one of the millions of employees who have transitioned into working from home? If so, you probably realized quite quickly that, contrary to social media memes, it’s not all about binging Netflix and baking bread. Your employer still expects you to meet deadlines and exceed goals. The good news is, it’s not a […]

On January 25, 2021

The Advantages of Working From Home

One of the biggest workforce trends to come out of 2020 was the proliferation of remote employment. Companies that had never imagined allowing their employees to work from home suddenly shut down offices and sent everyone scrambling for ring lights and ethernet cables. Millions of employees traded their blazers for loungewear and learned how to […]

On August 3, 2020


Urte, our HR specialist (And the Impacter of this month!) spent few years living in Australia and highly recommends for everyone to visit this land. It is a life-changing experience. And here are recommendations from Urte for those, who will travel first time or wants to experience real Australia again! Urte shares images from her personal […]

On June 30, 2020

Productivity while working from home

Working from home might be a challenge, we know it! The team of IMPACT BRANDS has great experience in managing the workflow, while working remotely. We all have found our best tricks to stay productive during the work day.  We would like to share with you the tips & tricks of our Graphic Designer- Video […]