Why we’re here?

We’re people, just like you, with families we deeply care about.

We’re fed up with companies that provide inferior quality products that cost an arm and a leg.

And medicines that mostly don’t cure anything yet have harsh and sometimes dangerous side effects.

No matter how diligent we are and how hard we try, the fact is that our busy world is full of unhealthy substances.

And our diets don’t always follow the best guidelines.

It’s hard to get away from all the bad stuff, even with the best of intentions.

We’ve seen the statistics that the health of Americans and Canadians alike, have plummeted during the last several decades.

Research has proven that using nutrient-rich supplements for treatment, prevention, and daily support for overall well-being can significantly impact your quality of life.

The team of

already made a positive impact to

people around the world

What is our goal?

So we decided to start a Movement. Revolutionize the way things are done. Our goal is to follow the premise, “Do Unto Others As You Would Have Others Do Unto You.”

And like you, we want only the best for our health and that of our loved ones.

That’s why we created Impact Brands with one unique revolutionary thought in mind – TO MAKE A POSITIVE IMPACT ON BILLIONS.


How we’ll change things for the better?

We’ve created a line of superior quality natural products designed to help improve your quality of life.

We work with specialized doctors and scientists to design top-quality organic and natural health supplements, metabolic superfoods, skincare products, and pet health products.

We diligently hunt through globally published research to find studies with impressive results. We’ve chosen to use only superior quality, scientifically proven ingredients.

Our strategy is to use the pharmacy Nature intended for us, with organically grown herbs, flora, vitamins, amino acids, algae, and more.

Research has shown we can boost an ingredient’s efficacy with concentrated extracts or when teamed up with another component that raises its potency and or absorbability.

And we want to deliver our premium quality products to you affordably, quickly, and with unparalleled customer service and guarantees.

Our track record of reliability and consistency speaks for itself… now we’re taking a giant leap forward.

We’ll work with lower margins because we believe things need to change. And we have faith that you want that too.

Our mission is to become a household name of outstanding products that better the lives everyone it touches.

Who are we?

Impact Brands is an international team of like-minded individuals who want to help turn things around.

Instead of facing a future of growing old with a list of illnesses and pain, we want to help change that.

So you, your loved ones, including your pets, can lead a healthy and vibrant life.

Meet Our Team

Our diverse global, top talented team of magicians that makes things happen everyday.

Giedrius Cekanskis
Blake Hartshorn
VP, Business Development
Joana Uzkuraityte
Human Resources Director
Vaidotas Sturonas
Operations Director
Guoda Jurgutyte
Creative Director
Greta Griguolaite
Advertising Manager
Gintare Baikstyte
Affiliate Program Manager
Tomas Reizgys
Marketing Project Manager
Art McDermott
Nutritionist, Advisory Board
Dr. Eric Wood, ND
Naturopathic Doctor, Advisory Board
Dr. Rodney Samaan, MD
Cardiologist, Advisory Board
Dr. Harris Meyer, DC
Chiropractor, Advisory Board
Peter Hoppenfeld
Attorney At Law
Juliana Tyler
Brigita Laurinaityte
Social Media Advertising Manager
Kiril Kovbasiuk
IT Project Manager
Glenda Lu
Customer Service Manager
Monika Lanke
Research and Development Manager
Travis Bond Roseboro
Influencer Marketing Manager
Laura Zilyte
Executive Assistant to CEO
Sonya Hamilton
Business Development Assistant
Ellery Eden
Scientific Researcher & Copywriter
Steve Erl
Tara Waechter
Urte Kiltinaviciute
Human Resources Specialist
Gabriele Griciute
E-Commerce Marketplace Specialist
Jelizaveta Selova
Senior PPC Specialist
Ema Stonkute
PPC Specialist
Roberta Marija Puze
PPC Specialist
Vaidotas Antanaitis Azuolas
PPC Specialist
Aurelija Simukaityte
PPC Specialist
Rokas Silanskas
Social Media Advertising Specialist
Aiste Tunkulaite
Social Media Advertising Specialist
Giedrius Barkauskas
Email Marketing Specialist
Karolina Usinskyte
Email Marketing Specialist
Egle Baranauskaite
Graphic Designer - Video Editor
Vytautas Uldukis
Graphic Designer - Video Editor
Ingrida Kazakeviciute
Graphic Designer- Video Editor
Indre Kraptaviciute
Graphic Designer- Video Editor
Danil Baranov
Senior IT Developer
Ernestas Veniukevicius
IT Developer
Virginijus Jasiunas
IT Developer
Vydmintas Brokevicius
IT Developer
Donatas Petrauskas
Mid IT Developer
Grazina Valiukaite
Junior IT Developer
Kristina Policarpio
CS Team Leader
Rosevilla Virtudazo
CS Team Leader
Sarah Policarpio
CS Team Leader
Stephanie Juanir
CS Team Leader
Zyrizz Dalere Yambot
CS Agent
Aristotle Flores
CS Agent
Zeus De Asis
CS Agent
Fatima Banares
CS Agent
Mary Grace Mendoza
CS Agent
Einstein Camarines
CS Agent
Conrad Beraya
CS Agent
Icon Gestopa
CS Agent
Jade Margrette Jimenez
CS Agent
Royeth Salvador
CS Agent
Jose Rafel Magbanua
CS Agent
Malu Martin
CS Agent
Belen Macaludas
CS Agent
Ariel Matulac
CS Agent
Rima Montanez
CS Agent
Abegail Preglo
CS Agent
Julie Mae Marimon
CS Agent
Icia Gestopa
CS Agent
Ariz James Ferraris
CS Agent
Marianne Enriquez
CS Agent