On June 30, 2020

Productivity while working from home

Working from home might be a challenge, we know it! The team of IMPACT BRANDS has great experience in managing the workflow, while working remotely. We all have found our best tricks to stay productive during the work day. 
We would like to share with you the tips & tricks of our Graphic Designer- Video Editor Vytautas!

Time management
For best productivity while working remotely, I have to find a way to manage my own time.
Currently I’m implementing Pomodoro technique at my work day.

For those who are unfamiliar with it it’s really simple. Start by choosing the task that you
want to focus on, and then set your timer or app for a block (also called a pomodoro) of 25
minutes. Work solely on that task for the entire 25 minutes, without doing anything else.

When the timer goes off? Reward yourself with a five-minute break. Then, repeat that
process all over again with your next 25-minute chunk. After you complete four pomodoros,
take a longer break of about 15 to 20 minutes.

This technique really helps me to stay focused on the tasks and do more on the long run. It’s
also a good reminder to go stretch my legs and let my eyes rest from looking at monitors all

Clean workplace
It’s important for me to keep my workplace clean and organised. I try to keep as little things
around me as possible. Removing clutter from my surroundings helps me keep my mind
clear and focus on work in the screen.

Nevertheless I try to keep balance, so it’s nice to have some things to inspire you or to add
come accent to your workspace to not look so dull and empty. For me painting or some kind
of poster works just fine.

Once a week I wipe dust from my table and clean my monitors to keep a fresh view on
things. And I try not to store all the empty coffee cups on my table 🙂

Music takes a big part in my everyday life. It leads me basically everywhere. From making
breakfast to the bedtime. So of course it is important in my daily work. From time to time I
get tired of constantly listening to music. Podcasts is a great alternative to music.
When I really want to focus I put on my headphones, find some tailored Spotify playlists,
make a cup of coffee and you have a recipe for high productivity.
Thank you for reading!